Surveys with Super

How do Surveys work?

Imagine surveys as your credit-boosting adventure! Whether you're waiting for a ride or just cruising as a passenger, you've got the chance to earn credits by diving into some enjoyable surveys through the Super app. To get started, simply step into the Surveys section within the app, set up your account, and pick a survey that suits your time. Your earnings? They're safely stashed away in your Super wallet, ready to fund your next travel escapade or cover your Super Card expenses.

I’m missing survey credits! How can I get help?

For any worries regarding your survey earnings, we've got your back. Head over to the Survey's experience section within the Super App, and there, you'll spot a 3-line menu icon (often called the "hamburger" icon) in the top right corner. Give it a tap to unveil the Help section. This is your space to share any concerns that might be on your mind.

It's worth noting that surveys are exclusively open to our friends in the US who use the Super App. So, if you're a US resident and ready to earn credits for your adventures, dive right in!

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