What is the max Cash Advance I can get?

What is the maximum Cash Advance amount I can get?

The max cash advance is $200. However, the amount that you qualify for is at the discretion of the Super Pay team and is based on factors such as your income and spending habits. The amount you are offered is the maximum amount you qualify for.

Do I need to draw the full amount I am offered?

You will be offered different cash advance amounts based on your eligibility. You may select one of the offered denominations based on your need when you finalize the cash advance process.

How do I check if I have reached my pay period max?

At this time, we only allow a single cash advance at once, regardless of if you have withdrawn the full amount you qualified for.

I have reached my max limit - when can I get my next Cash Advance?

In order to be eligible for your next cash advance, you must first pay off your outstanding cash advance. Your cash advance repayment will be initiated on the due date of your cash advance. At this time, we do not allow early repayment.

How can I increase my max Cash Advance amount?

You may be able to increase your cash advance limit by increasing your use of your Super deposit account. Some ways could include:

  • Link a Primary Bank Account

  • Use your Super Card to build a longer history with us

  • Use our Cash Advance service and pay back. the advance on time

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