How do coupons work?

Did you score a coupon during or after your stay? Fist bump! But remember, there's a "coupon clock" ticking, so let's put it to good use. 

Now, here's your insider's guide to navigating coupons like a pro: 

  1. Super Travel Checkout: This is where the real magic unfolds. Coupons are best reviewed and applied at your Super Travel checkout to ensure you’re getting the best deal. They cannot be applied anywhere else. 

  2. Limits and All: Just a heads-up, some coupons might come with a "savings speedometer." They've got a limit on how much they can shave off your bill so you may not be save the entire face value of the coupon in one transaction! But hey, even with limits, they're still the heroes of discounts.

  3. Code-Coupon Dance: Promo codes and coupons? They're like two different dance partners – they don't tango together. So, when you're on your adventure to Savings Town, pick your partner wisely!

Get ready to rock those coupons and conquer the world of savvy traveling, one checkout at a time!

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