How do I know how many beds this room has, and what size?

When it comes to finding the ideal room, you can rely on Super Travel. On the hotel page, you'll find various room types, each offering different features like bed preferences, room sizes, and scenic views. We want to provide you with a plethora of choices!

Now, let's dive into the number of beds. It's conveniently located right below the room name, ensuring you know exactly how many cozy beds are waiting for you in each room.

We understand that bed sizes can sometimes be a bit perplexing. If the room description doesn't specify a particular bed size, fear not! This means the bed will be assigned during check-in based on availability. Our goal is to offer comfortable accommodations that suit your needs perfectly.

Should you need additional details not covered in the Hotel Details section (like the temperature of that hot tub), we recommend checking the hotel's website or giving them a direct call. They'll have the latest and most comprehensive information to assist you in making the perfect choice.

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