How do I know how many beds this room has, and what size?

Absolutely, my friend! When it comes to finding the perfect room, we've got you covered at Super Travel. On the hotel page, you'll discover a variety of room types, each offering different options like bed preferences, room sizes, and stunning views. We want you to have all the choices at your fingertips!

Now, let's talk about the number of beds. We make it super easy to spot because it's right there below the room name. You'll know exactly how many comfy beds await you in each room.

But hey, we understand that bed sizes can sometimes be a little mysterious. If the room description doesn't mention a specific bed size, fret not! It means that the bed will be assigned to you during check-in based on availability. We always strive to provide cozy accommodations that suit your needs just right.

If you have any other burning questions or need more details that aren't covered in the Hotel Details section (like how hot that hot tub really gets), we suggest you check out the hotel's website or give them a call directly. They'll have all the latest and greatest info to help you make the perfect choice.

Remember, we're here to ensure you have an absolutely amazing stay with Super Travel. So go ahead and ask away if there's anything else you need. Let's make sure you have a remarkable and oh-so-comfortable experience!

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