Booking Accessible Hotel Rooms

Understanding the importance of finding accommodations that suit your specific needs is crucial. Here's how Super Travel helps you achieve just that:

Once you've found the hotel that interests you, take a look at its available amenities by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Look for the dedicated amenities section to discover the key to accessing rooms tailored to your preferences. Additionally, we offer a "Find a room" feature at the bottom of the rooms list. You can type "accessible," click on "Search room," and find relevant options.

With this information, explore the range of rooms presented on Super Travel. Choose the one that aligns with the hotel's recommendations and your personal needs. As you proceed with your booking, remember to include your requests for an accessible room in the 'Special Requests' field. This way, we can note your preferences.

However, we kindly remind you that accessible rooms are subject to availability and not guaranteed. We recommend ensuring peace of mind by booking a room that meets your accessibility needs. It's all about creating a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for you.

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