I didn't receive a booking confirmation but my card was charged, why?

We get it—it's confusing when your card is charged but there's no booking confirmation in sight. No worries, we're here to clarify things for you. Here's what you need to know:

Sometimes, in the realm of technology, glitches may occur. If a booking attempt didn't go through as planned, either due to technical hiccups on our end or potential obstacles on your side, you might notice a temporary transaction called a pre-authorization on your statement. Don't fret! This pre-authorization is merely a fleeting moment and will be automatically lifted by your bank within 2-3 business days. If you're in need of swift resolution, we recommend reaching out to your bank for their magical touch.

Let's talk about confirmed bookings. A valid Order ID is your ticket to peace of mind. To make your travel as smooth as possible, we provide you with this crucial Order ID. You'll find it displayed on our Super Travel Bookings page and also sent to your email—just be sure to double-check for typos and your spam folder. Consider these your go-to sources for confirming that your reservation is all set and in progress.

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