What is my voucher for?

About the Voucher

The voucher contains important information regarding your reservation. It lists the address of the hotel, the date of check-out and check-in, any necessary resort fees and hotel deposits, and more. 

We try to make this information as accurate as possible, but sometimes the hotel has additional fees or deposits that are not listed. If you any additional questions about the hotel's fees policies, please contact them directly.

How do I find my Voucher?

1. You can view your voucher by opening the attachment on your confirmation email.

2. You can access your voucher by clicking the 'Print Here' button on the 'How to Check-In' section of your confirmation email.

3. You also can access your voucher on the confirmation page, by clicking on the 'View Voucher' button in the 'How to Check-In' section.

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