Why can't I check in to the hotel?

We totally get it – encountering check-in difficulties can be a major bummer. If you're having trouble checking in at your hotel, we are ready to assist you every step of the way. Let's figure out why you might be facing these check-in issues:

Hotel Policy Restrictions:  Some hotels have their own unique policies when it comes to check-in requirements, like age restrictions or the need for a deposit. If you're unable to check in due to a hotel policy, such as being underage or not wanting to provide a deposit, we're sorry to say that we can't intervene. These policies are determined by the hotel itself and are beyond our control.

However, if your check-in issue has nothing to do with hotel policies, don't worry – we're committed to resolving it for you! Reach out to our dedicated support team using one of the following methods:

You can chat with us directly through our handy Chat Function or give us a call at +1 (844) 461-2577. Our support agents are available 24/7 and will gladly assist you in resolving any check-in challenges you're facing.

Remember, we're here to provide you with the support you need and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience with SuperTravel. 

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