What happens if I don’t enjoy my hotel stay?

Navigating Hotel Quality Concerns with Super Travel

At Super Travel, while we facilitate your hotel bookings, the on-site experience is managed by the individual hotels. If your stay isn't meeting your expectations, here's a guide to help you navigate this situation:

Start at the Hotel: 

  • Immediately address any concerns with the hotel’s front desk. They are typically equipped to resolve issues on the spot.
  • Note down the staff member's name handling your concern and ensure they record your complaint for reference.

Document Your Experience:

  • Collect evidence such as photographs, names of staff you spoke with, and any written acknowledgments from the hotel regarding the issue. 
  • This documentation is crucial for the hotel to accurately assess and address your situation.

Attempt Resolution with the Hotel:

  • We encourage you to initially seek a resolution directly with the hotel or hotel chain. This includes discussions about any compensations or refunds.
  • If the hotel agrees to a compensation or refund, request a written confirmation, signed by a hotel staff member.

Reach Out to Super Travel:

Once you have that please visit our Amendment Instruction Page here for detailed guidance on the next steps. 

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