Do these extended terms include COVID-19 related circumstances?

We have extended our terms further to include the most common COVID-19 related circumstances on the market on an entirely discretionary basis. It is important to read our full Terms for these cases however in summary they include the following:

We may refund where You are unable to Attend Your Booking because of one of the following reasons associated with Covid-19:

  1. You become infected with Covid-19 within the 7 days immediately prior to Attending Your Booking; supported either by evidence of a positive PCR test result or communication of isolation from your relevant government.
  2. Someone within your Immediate Household, becomes infected with Covid-19, supported by evidence of positive PCR test or government communication of isolation.
  3. The hospitalization, or death, of Your Immediate Family Member due to Covid-19, within the 30 days immediately prior to Attending Your Booking; supported by a medical / death certificate.
  4. A significant change in your pre-existing medical condition in the 7 days immediately prior to Attending Your Booking results in a Doctor recommending you do not Attend due to the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

Refunds are not issued where You do not Attend because You are concerned about catching Covid-19 or are self-isolating without a positive Covid-19 test, or where the Booking is cancelled.

These reasons for refund are considered on an entirely discretionary basis and are not to be taken as a guarantee of refund.

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