Super Travel Referral Program

Ever thought about making your experience with us even better by sharing it with your friends and family? Our Referral Program lets you do just that, and guess what? You get rewards for spreading the love!

Earning Rewards:

We'll hook you up with a unique referral code to share with your circle. When someone signs up with your code, you'll earn promotional rewards! These rewards could be credits to your Super account or other cool perks. The rewards can vary, so keep an eye out for special promotions that can boost your earnings!

The number of rewards you can earn, and their redeemable value, can change over time, but we promise it'll always be worth your while. Just a quick heads-up: You can only earn one reward per new account you help create.

What Can I Do With My Rewards?

Think of your rewards as Super's way of saying thanks! While they don't have cash value right away, they do become real goodies once they hit your Super account. Just remember, these rewards are just for you—they're non-transferable and should be used for non-commercial purposes.

Any Fine Print?

We love being transparent! Rewards are part of our promotional offerings and are subject to change. We have to mention that if we notice any funny business like fraud or misuse, we might have to take some actions, which could range from removing your rewards to suspending your account. But we trust that you'll play fair!

There is no fee to participate in the Referral Program. It is your responsibility to find out if you are liable for any federal, state, or local taxes as a result of earning Rewards.

So there you have it! Ready to make your Super experience even more rewarding? Start referring your friends today!

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