How do I get a Cash Advance?

This sounds like a loan, why is it different?

The cash advance feature works similarly to a loan but does not have any interest or mandatory fees, and is therefore not a loan by definition.

How do I apply for a Cash Advance?

Ready to explore the Cash Advance option? If you're eligible, you'll find the application right on the Home Screen when you log in via the app or on our website,

Remember, being a Super+ member is your ticket to applying for the Cash Advance. It's just one of the many perks of joining our Super+ community! See: Plus

Do I qualify for a Cash Advance?

Qualifying for the Cash Advance requires linking an external bank account to your Super deposit account and meeting our underwriting guidelines. These guidelines are based on various factors to ensure a smooth process.

Should your initial application for the Cash Advance not be successful, feel free to reapply either with a new linked bank account or the same one at a later time. We're here to assist you through each step.

What banks can I link to apply for a Cash Advance?

You can find a comprehensive list of supported banks by visiting this link and verifying that ACH is supported for your bank.

At this time, the list of banks not supported include but are not limited to, Varo, CashApp, MoneyLion, Acorns, Dave, Current, or Albert.

Where is my cash advance deposited?

You will receive your cash advance in your Super deposit account. Once you receive the funds, you can use your Super Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted online or in-store.

Keep in mind that you can also add your Super Card to your digital wallet (Apple Pay, GPay, or Samsung Pay)


Can I reapply for a Cash Advance?

If you do not qualify for the Cash Advance after applying, you are welcome to reapply in the future.

What can I do to qualify for a Cash Advance?

To qualify for a cash advance, you'll need to meet certain criteria, which involve a variety of factors tailored to ensure responsible lending and borrowing. While the specific details of our underwriting guidelines are not currently disclosed, they are designed with your financial security in mind.

What conditions does my linked bank account have to meet?

Please link your primary bank account where you receive your paycheck or government-issued benefits. This is important because we need to verify you have a history of incoming direct deposits into your primary account.

What happens if I unlink my bank account?

At this time, you will need to have an external bank account linked to your Super deposit account to be eligible for a cash advance.

I was previously eligible for the cash advance, why am I not eligible anymore?

If you choose to unlink your external bank account, it will affect your eligibility for a cash advance, as having an account linked to your Super deposit account is a key requirement for this service.

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