How Much Cash Advance Can I Receive?

What Are the Cash Advance limits and how to increase them?

Maximum Cash Advance Amount:

Our Cash Advance feature offers a deposit that ranges from $20 to $200. This amount is determined by thoughtfully assessing your financial profile, considering factors like your income and spending habits. The offered amount represents the maximum you qualify for, ensuring you have access to the support you need.

Partial Withdrawal:

You can choose to withdraw a portion of the offered amount during the cash advance process, based on your needs.

Pay Period Limit:

Currently, our system allows for one active cash advance at a time, regardless of whether you've utilized the full eligible amount. 

Eligibility for the Next Cash Advance:

To become eligible for your next cash advance, simply repay your outstanding one. 

Increasing Your Cash Advance Limit:

If you're looking to increase your cash advance limit, there are proactive steps you can take. Boost your eligibility by actively using your Super deposit account. Consider linking a primary bank account, utilize your Super Card to establish a longer history with us, and responsibly utilize our Cash Advance service, making sure to repay it on time. These actions can help expand your access to financial support when you need it.

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