Why is my cashback pending?

Once your transaction has been posted to your Super deposit account, your cashback amount will become available to spend. This usually takes 3 business days after the charge is posted.

Transaction Posting: After making a purchase, the transaction needs to be processed and posted to your Super deposit account. This can take a little time, usually around 48 hours.

Verification: During this period, the transaction undergoes verification to ensure it's valid and eligible for cashback. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity of our cashback system.

Pending Period: Your cashback is temporarily marked as "pending" until all checks are completed successfully. This status indicates that the funds are on their way but not yet available for spending.

Final Settlement: Once the transaction is fully verified, your cashback will be settled and become accessible for use in your Super account. This typically occurs within 3 business days after the charge has been posted.

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