How do I add funds to my Super Deposit Account?

Ready to add some funds to your Super Deposit Account? Let’s get started! 

Here's how you transfer funds, by connecting your bank account:

  1. Open your app and head to the home page of your Super Deposit Account.
  2. Spot the ‘Add Cash’ on your virtual card. Give that a tap.
  3. Now, choose ‘Transfer from Bank Account’.

Can't find it? No worries! Just click on 'View More' in your menu and tap on 'Link New Funding Source'.

  1. A new screen will greet you – it's time to pick your bank. If it's playing hide-and-seek, use the search bar.
  2. With your bank selected, key in your login details to make the connection.
  3. Voilà! You're all set to transfer funds directly from your bank account.

Just a heads up: It could take about 3-5 business days for the funds to roll into your Super deposit account. If they're taking the scenic route (aka, you don’t see them after 5 days), it's a good idea to check in with your bank. 

How do I add funds with my debit card?

Want to boost your balance with your debit card? Here's your easy-peasy guide!

  1. Dive into the app or web account.
  2. Once in, head over to 'Home' and click on 'Add Cash'.
  3. Now, choose 'Debit Card'.
  4. Pop in your debit card details.
  5. Decide on the amount you're adding, confirm, and voila! Your funds should appear in your Super Deposit Account in no time.

Still not spotting those funds? Might be a good idea to chat with your bank.

A little heads-up: Ensure the billing address on your debit card matches the one on your Super Pay profile. 

Can I deposit cash into my account?

We currently don’t offer the option of depositing cash directly into your Super Deposit Account.


Can I deposit a check into my account?

We currently don’t offer the option of depositing a check directly into your Super Deposit Account.

Does deposit account support auto top-up?

As of now, we haven't rolled out that feature just yet. So, you'll need to pop in and manually add funds to your Super deposit account. Thanks for your understanding!  

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