How do I shorten my stay?

We totally get it—sometimes plans take unexpected turns, and you need to shorten your stay. 

Following Steps apply:

If your Booking is Refundable:

If your booking is refundable, we recommend canceling it and re-booking for your new shortened dates. This way, you'll receive a refund for the nights you won't be using.

To find out if your booking is refundable, simply refer to the cancellation policy stated on your trusty Super Travel confirmation page. You know, that email we sent you right after you made the booking? It has all the juicy details.

Can't find that confirmation email? No problemo! You can access the confirmation page online or in our super-duper App. Just click on "More" and then "Bookings," and voilà! You'll find all your booking details, past and future.

If you booked a Non-Refundable Booking:

Now, if your booking happens to be non-refundable, these bookings typically have strict cancellation rules set by the hotel and may not allow modifications or refunds. But hey, don't lose hope just yet!

We recommend reaching out directly to the hotel to discuss the possibility of shortening your stay. Look for the hotel's contact information on your confirmation page or do a quick online search. The hotel might be able to work some magic for you and you just need to show us evidence of your agreement.

Notify the Hotel for Late Arrival

If your shortened stay is due to unforeseen circumstances, like missing a flight or train, it's super important to let the hotel know in advance. We wouldn't want any misunderstandings, right?

We recommend giving the hotel a call directly to inform them about your late arrival and the changes to your reservation. This way, they'll be in the loop and won't mark your reservation as a 'No Show.' Trust us, you don't want your room to be given away!

Please note that Super Travel reserves the right to charge a $30 fee to process certain amendment requests, but we'll make sure to communicate this to you as part of the resolution process.

Still have questions or need assistance with modifying your booking? No worries, our support team is here to help! Start a chat with us, and our friendly agents will be ready to guide you through the process.

Our mission is to ensure that your stay is seamlessly adjusted according to your new plans. So let's make it happen together!

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