How to cancel a booking with Super Travel credits

Canceling your booking with Super Travel credits is simple! If you have a refundable reservation and would like to receive the refund in Super Travel Credits, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find the 'click here if you wish to cancel your reservation' link. You can locate it in your email or on your booking page.

Step 2: Look out for the 'click here to refund in credits' option. 

Step 3: Tap on that refund button!

Step 4: After clicking the refund button, you'll receive a confirmation message, delightfully informing you that your refund has been processed in the form of credits.

And that's not all! Your shiny new credits will be waiting for you on your profile, ready to be redeemed for future adventures. Need more info on how to make the most of your credits? Just click here for all the details.

Please keep in mind that refund credits are valid for up to one year from the cancellation date. So, make sure to plan your next exciting getaway within that timeframe!

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